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Hacked Via Air conditioning Contractor

Fazio Mechanical Services, a Target air conditioning vendor, has stated that it was hacked by fraudsters, and now investigators suspect that was how hackers accessed the account information of tens of millions of Target shoppers. According to the article, “HVAC vendor eyed as entry point for Target breach,” by Gregory Wallace, CNNMoney, Feb. 6 “The [HVAC] company connects to Target’s networks for billing and contracts, [the HVAC company’s president, Ross] Fazio said. 

“It clearly does not handle customer credit or debit card payments for Target, but security experts say the vendor’s stolen credentials helped hackers get past the hard part: getting through companies’ fortified outer walls,” writes Wallace.

Many systems put most of their security efforts in keeping out hackers, but once they gain access to any part of the system, then it’s much easier to move around without detection, according to the article. 

Last year, Google said it:

-Disabled 2 million bad ads
-Banned 14,000 advertisers for selling counterfeit goods
- Halted ad-serving on tens of thousands of sites
- Disabled more than 5,000 AdSense accounts for violations of copyright policy
-Disabled 400,000 sites from hiding malware
-Disabled 10,000 sites from promoting get-rich-quick schemes.
— According to a MediaPost article by Gavin O’Malley (“Click Fraud Costs Marketers $11B, IAB Issues Key Report.”)  Click fraud is set to cost marketers $11.6 billion in 2014, according to the article.

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