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    Welcome to Fraud-Magazine.com. We’ve created this section based on the most recent Fraud Magazine Reader Survey, which indicated that our members would like to read more Case Studies and Profiles. The Career section includes articles about furthering your career and preparing for your job search. Here, you’ll also find a link to the ACFE Job Board and a weekly listing of three recent job postings. Browse Topics also serves as an archive for Videos and various other media that are Special to the Web.



    Special to the Web

    Articles published exclusively on Fraud-Magazine.com

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    Interviews with newsmakers, ACFE members, and fraudsters

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    Case Studies

    Real cases investigated by your fraud-fighting peers

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    Articles geared to help you in your job search and future endeavors

    If you’d like to write a case study, how-to article, or if you have an idea for a Fraud Magazine article, please visit our Get Published section located under Contact. We’d love to hear from you.