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    Career Articles 

    Read articles meant to help you in your job search by offering advice on how to prepare a top-notch résumé, how to nail the interview, and where to begin your search. These articles have been culled from the Fraud Magazine archives and contain timeless good advice.  

    The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners assumes sole copyright of any article published on or ACFE follows a policy of exclusive publication. Permission of the publisher is required before an article can be copied or reproduced. 


    Career Connection: Hanging Out Your Shingle, Part 2 

    We'll cover some specific aspects of being a new entrepreneur, including the legal forms of business organizations, insurance, tax responsibilities and retirement savings in this second and final part of our series on starting your firm. 

    Career Connection: Hanging Out Your Shingle, Part 1 

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    Fraud EDge: Investigator Shares Tips for Budding CFEs 

    Fraud EDge: Using 'White Papers' to Recruit Future Fraud Fighters 

    Fraud EDge: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: Hire Well-Prepared Graduates 

    Career Connection: Develop Your 'Professional Brand' to Capitalize on Emerging Opportunities 

    Fraud EDge: How will Higher-Ed Programs Benefit Pros in an Evolving Specialization? 

    Fraud EDge: Get Involved in Higher Education: Opportunities for CFEs in Educating Future Fraud Fighters 

    Starting Out: Career Questions and Answers: Advice on Breaking into the Fraud Examination Profession 

    Fraud EDge: In Search of Higher Education: Where Can the Next Generation of Fraud Examiners Obtain their Crime-Fighting Skills? 

    Starting Out: Do Not Let This Happen to You: Common Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Job Hunt 

    ACFE Member Profile: CFE Finds New Career by Continuing Education 

    Starting Out: Admission-Seeking Interviews: One Fraud Examiner’s Experience 

    Starting Out: Federal Jobs, Part 2: Writing Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Essays 

    Starting Out: Federal Job Search Strategies, Part 1: Landing the Right Position is Almost a Full-Time Job 

    Starting Out: Stealing a Company’s Stuff: Inventory Larceny Analysis for Budding Fraud Examiners 

    Fraud in the News: Hiring Boom on the Horizon for CFEs 

    Risky Business: Robert Rudloff Jr., CFE, CIA, Talks About Internal Auditing in the Gaming Biz 

    Starting Out: Mentors Can Help Mold Careers 

    An Interview with Ralph Q. Summerford: Hanging Your Shingle? Heed These Caveats 

    Starting Out: Offices of Inspectors General Offer Career Alternatives 

    Starting Out: Post-Graduation Job Tips 

    Starting Out: Take Advantage of Internships 


    Help Wanted 

     Following are three recent job ads posted on the ACFE Job Board


     Investigative Operations Manager (Seattle, WA, United States)

    The Manager, Worldwide Investigative Operations, will develop and implement the investigative framework for Amazon Global Operations and partner with local and regional security and site managers to mitigate risk and fraud. The position will be a subject matter expert on investigative strategies and techniques and have the ability to share their expertise with associates at Amazon locations globally.

    Posted Aug. 28, 2012


    Staff Auditor (Czech Republic)


    Reporting to an Audit Manager, the Staff Auditor is an entry-level position within the Corporate Audit Group.  The Staff Auditor, as part of a team, will conduct financial and operational reviews of Covidien domestic and international operations.  The Staff Auditor will interact with financial and operational management personnel across the company and will be exposed to financial and business operations.

    Posted Aug. 23, 2012


    Senior Internal Auditor (Keene, NH, United States)

    Lead and perform financial and operational audits of all major transactional cycles, with an emphasis on accuracy of reporting and compliance with established standards and regulations with C&S Wholesale Grocers. Serve as a mentor to junior team members.

    Posted Aug. 27, 2012



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