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  • 10 popular health care provider fraud schemes: ‘Do no harm’ isn’t their motto 

    Finding and returning fraud proceeds to victims is a complex profession in great demand. Speaking from the front lines, three CFEs tell how they provide state-of-the-art services to meet client needs.

    JanFeb-roadmap-thumb.jpgLike a laser: Using analytical tests to zero in on possible fraud 

    Identity theft is alive and thriving. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Sentinel Network reports a significant increase in complaints. Military personnel report a disproportionate amount of problems compared to the general population.

    JanFeb-trusted-employee-thumb.jpgSmall business fraud and the trusted employee: Protecting against unique vulnerabilities 

    As the comptroller for the small town of Dixon, Ill., since 1983, Rita Crundwell managed all financial aspects of the city funds. After a city clerk found a problem in the city’s accounts, the mayor contacted the FBI.

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  • When investigating fraud in small businesses, do you agree they have unique vulnerabilities, as outlined in "Small business fraud and the trusted employee?"