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  • Second generation creates its own history, part 1: Young CFEs follow fraud examination trailblazers 

    Rather than just reviewing the past, let’s see how the ACFE pioneers have shaped the next generation and how young CFEs are poised to travel even further.

    SeptOct-bor-thumb.jpgA wealth of talent, passion and tenacity: An interview with the ACFE Board of Regents 

    The Board of Regents, representative of the rich diversity of the ACFE membership, contemplates the profession as the ACFE celebrates its 25th anniversary.

    SeptOct-attendees-thumb.jpgThe ACFE and its members evolve: 24th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference highlights changes 

    More than 2,600 anti-fraud professionals gathered in Las Vegas to regroup, compare notes and revive themselves for new battles.

    SeptOct-cms-office-thumb.jpgCase management software: The key to optimal investigative teamwork, part 2 of 2 

    Why do you need case management software? Because it helps you quickly and efficiently conduct investigations in your fraud examinations. Here are eight additional evaluations of CMS packages.

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  • Where did you learn the most information about the 24th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference?