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    jim-ratley-50x50.jpg  From the President and CEO
    Living by a code 
    cora-bullock-50x50.jpg  Fraud in the News
    The latest fraud headlines 
    shondra-jones-50x50.jpg  Fraud Edge
    Visual sizzle: Student-made videos in the classroom 
    monica-chimal-50x50.jpg  It's the Law
    Mexico passes anti-money laundering law: Combating drug gangs but also tackling fraud  
    sheechean-ho-50x50.jpg  Fraud Basics
    Insurance agent fraud: Using data analytics for detection of premium misappropriation 
    ali-said-50x50.jpg  Future Fraud Trends
    Bitcoin creating virtual Wild West: Anonymous cyber world spawning enterprising fraudsters 
    colin-may-50x50.jpg  Starting Out
    Nonprofit gone wrong: Smalltown rescue squad president defrauds insurance providers of more than $900,000 
    bob-holtfreter-50x50.jpg  Taking Back the ID
    Cyber criminals step up their games to harvest PII: Ramped-up spear-phishing, beta bot malware, pirated software and spam schemes  
    beth-mohr-50x50.jpg  Career Connection
    Don't inadvertently accuse suspects: As an expert witness, avoid implicating in hypothetical examples  
    cora-bullock-50x50.jpg  I'm a CFE
    Joan Drabczyk, CFE, Senior Court Analyst, New York State Grievance Committee 
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    MarApr-good-bad-ugly-thumb.jpg Informants & whistleblowers: The good, the bad and the ugly 

    CFEs should follow the important rules when using and managing informants, whistleblowers and cooperating defendants to avoid sabotaging their cases.

    MarApr-caught-by-numbers-thumb.jpg Caught by the numbers: Data analytics winnows out possible fraudster 

    Learn how you can use powerful data analytics tools to narrow your list of suspects for fraud examinations.

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    CFEs elect three new Regents: Agins, Sizemore and Zack 

    25th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference to be Dr. Wells’ last 

    Disciplinary notices 


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    Walt Manning, CFE, President, Investigations MD, outlines the pitfalls of fraud examination on the cloud.

  • An interview with Louis Freeh: Tempered ambition 

    Louis Freeh has balanced raising six children with a tenacious ambition that led him to be an FBI special agent, an investigator with the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York, a district court judge and the director of the FBI.

    MarApr-fleecing-shepherds-thumb.jpg Fleecing the shepherds: When houses of worship become victims of fraud 

    Houses of worship, as all not-for-profit organizations, are particularly vulnerable to fraud. Read fraudsters' methods and ways congregations can avoid becoming victims while still helping those in need.

    MarApr-tax-refund-crisis-thumb.jpg Identity theft tax refund fraud: A growing epidemic, part 1 of 2 

    Identity thieves are using stolen personally identifiable information to file victims' tax returns and then receive their refunds. Here's how they do it and ways to combat and prevent it.

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  • As an expert witness, have you had to use hypothetical situations?

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