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  • Didn't comply? Then fully cooperate: An interview with Leslie R. Caldwell, U.S. assistant attorney general for the DOJ's Criminal Division 

    The new U.S. assistant attorney general for the DOJ's Criminal Division, of course, encourages companies that conduct business in the U.S. to prevent and deter fraud and comply with all regulations. But if they discover possible crimes within their walls, then total cooperation will greatly ease their treatment.

    Burgeoning botnets! Burgeoning botnets! 

    In part 2, we examine more botnet and malware case histories, analyze data breach causal factors and related statistics, and discuss ways to avoid becoming a victim of these nefarious schemes.

    'I didn't intend to deceive anyone' Tipping the balance: Never assume guilt or innocence 

    The initial evidence pointed toward an open-and-shut embezzlement case. But the author describes the assumptions that almost led to an innocent employee's downfall, and he details his fraud examination that revealed the truth.

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    Cindy Morrison, CCEP, Senior Manager of Global Ethics and Compliance at Bunge, discusses effective ways to handle ethics and compliance programs across borders.

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