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    Hacking the hackers: An interview with Brian Krebs, recipient of the ACFE Guardian Award

    Investigative journalist Brian Krebs has exposed — at personal risk — data breaches at Target, Home Depot, P.F. Chang's and many others.

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    Sorry, this fraud has been disconnected, part 2

    In part 2, the evidence mounts against Dan Jackson as the author's fraud examination begins. Jackson remains obstinate through his indictment and prosecution.

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    Domains in disguise: Fake domain wire-transfer scheme

    Using a classic phishing scheme, fraudsters are taking control of company email accounts to initiate wire transfers from unsuspecting employees.

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    Burgeoning botnets!

    Find out how cybercriminals use infectious malware to infiltrate web browsers and steal identities and personally identifiable information.

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    'I didn't intend to deceive anyone'

    Fraud perpetrators often use a variety of excuses to alleviate the culpability of their mental states because they know they can't be convicted unless prosecutors can prove their criminal acts were accompanied by a guilty state of mind known as mens rea.

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    Preventing corporate fraud during organizational transformation Preventing corporate fraud during organizational transformation
    Change is inevitable, but it exposes companies to significant fraud risks.
    Protect yourself Protect yourself
    Cybersecurity expert Eugene Kaspersky advises fraud conference attendees to invest in technology and support.
    Kicking the cane Kicking the cane
    In part two, we’ll look at the behavior pattern of these fraudsters by outlining various criminal cases.
    The anguish of victims Dubai government announces partnership with ACFE
    Dubai anti-fraud partnership provides expert training, certification for FAD employees.
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    I’m a CFE
    Renee Hale, CFE, senior manager of investigations at Dow Chemical Company

    Fraud Basics
    Good guys vs. bad guys

    Fraud Spotlight
    Crowdfunding or crowdfrauding?

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    Taking Down Fraud Sites is Whac-a-Mole
    I’ve been doing quite a bit of public speaking lately — usually about cybercrime and underground activity — and there’s one question that nearly always comes from the audience: "Why are these fraud Web sites allowed to operate, and not simply taken down?" This post is intended to serve as the go-to spot for answering that question.

    Maine Welfare Fraud Investigations Up
    Republican Gov. Paul LePage's administration says the number of welfare fraud investigations and prosecutions have gone up significantly.

    U.S. judicial panel changes fraud sentencing guidelines
    A federal judicial panel on Thursday adopted new guidelines for sentencing white-collar criminals in fraud cases, in an effort to make punishments more fairly reflect the harm suffered by victims and the intent of offenders to cause harm.

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