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    Fighting a culture of fraud: An interview with Dinesh Thakur

    Dinesh Thakur discovered that his employer, Ranbaxy Laboratories, was falsifying data to receive approval of its generic drugs. His near-nine-year ordeal working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration eventually led to Ranbaxy's seven-felony count guilty plea.

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    Shell games: Investigating shell companies and understanding their roles in international fraud

    Criminals use shell companies to launder money, evade taxes and perpetuate all manner of fraud. The author defines and dissects shell companies to help CFEs investigate this threat that can hit uncomfortably close to home.

    Identity theft complaints drop more than 21 percent in 2013

    Identity theft is an ever-present reality as criminals find new high-tech ways of gaining access to personally identifiable information. However, the situation could be improving; the U.S. Federal Trade Commission reported a decrease in complaints from 2012.

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    Big risks require big-data thinking

    An EY survey indicates that companies need to look at a broader set of risks, incorporate more data sources, use better tools and move to real-time or near-real time analysis of increased data volumes.

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    Iconic Fraud Triangle endures: Metaphor diagram helps everybody understand fraud

    One of the creators of the venerable Fraud Triangle describes its history, rationale and uses for preventing, deterring, detecting and investigating fraud (and other crimes).

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    At play in the fields of fraud, part 1   At play in the fields of fraud, part 1
    Follow two, detailed real estate fraud schemes that while very different, found commonality in their crime.
    Hunting the big cats of fraud, part 2   Hunting the big cats of fraud, part 2
    The big cats of fraud are clever and dangerous. But well-trained, determined CFEs can hunt them down with the right investigative tools and techniques.
    Hunting the big cats of fraud   Hunting the big cats of fraud, part 1
    In the economic crime jungle, is one predator more rapacious than all others?
    10 golden tenets of fraud prevention and deterrence   10 golden tenets of fraud prevention and deterrence, part 2
    While some believe that fraud control and prevention is at its best when the process of detection remains a secret, could the opposite be true?
    Better online security   Behind the scenes at the MS 150
    ACFE volunteers work tirelessly behind the scenes to support 'Team Intangible Assets' during the 170-mile bicycle ride from Houston to Austin.
    Better online security   10 golden tenets of fraud prevention and deterrence, part 1
    How does one react when the mode of fraud detection is open, and he or she knows they risk being caught?
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    I'm a CFE
    J. Cameron Thurber, J.D., CFE, counsel to the inspector general and chief investigator, U.S. Federal Election Commission

    Fraud EDge
    The collaboration between data mining and digital forensics

    Fraud Spotlight
    Self-Directed IRAs are ideal fraud targets: Help prevent nest-egg ripoffs

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    Forex fraud: Now it's getting serious
    The U.K. launched a wide-reaching criminal investigation Monday to catch people who may have manipulated the foreign exchange market.

    Corporate fraud in Singapore rising, employees main culprits: Survey
    About 29 percent of respondents in a KPMG-SMU survey said their organizations have experienced fraud in the past two years, and employees were identified as the main perpetrators of fraud.

    Prescription fraud is costly problem for Hoosier taxpayers
    Medicaid prescription drug fraud is a growing problem in Indiana and Hoosier taxpayers are paying millions of dollars to cover the fraud.

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    Jacob Parks, J.D., CFE, ACFE research specialist, further examines how digital currencies have become a future fraud trend in the second of two parts.


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