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    Contact-Get Published-mag artFraud Magazine is dedicated to bringing you the latest, most engaging and helpful information possible. In a recent survey, ACFE members said they wanted to read more case studies and how-to articles in their association magazine. They are fascinated by stories that demonstrate how their colleagues cracked a case and the lessons that were learned.  

    Share your expertise with the anti-fraud community in Fraud Magazine and you’ll not only receive deserved recognition, but you’ll be helping your colleagues crack their own cases and furthering the fight against fraud. You can also earn up to 10 CPE credits a year by getting published in Fraud Magazine. The number of CPE credits you can receive (up to 10 per year) are based on the number of hours spent preparing an article or articles for publication.


    We are looking for contributions that contain: 

    • Practical, down-in-the-trenches material readers can apply immediately in their careers 
    • Methods you used to discover a fraud 
    • Strong cases, anecdotes, current facts and figures, and sound approaches to fraud detection and deterrence 
    • Ideas or tips useful to fraud examiners in any country 

    Worried you don’t have enough experience? Some of our best contributors have been in the profession fewer than five years. 

    Concerned about your writing skills? Our editors can help you organize your thoughts and polish your copy until it’s ready for publication. You have the experience and we have the writing and editing skills. Together, we can make a great team and help you get published! 

    E-mail your article drafts, topic summaries, or outlines to Fraud Magazine Editor-in-Chief Dick Carozza. Include your name; credentials; title; company; contact information; and state, province, or country.  

    Feature stories for print are typically 1,500 to 2,500 words. Columns in Fraud Magazine can be 1,000 to 1,500 words. If you have a new column idea, we’d love to hear it. Send us your idea here. 


    Fraud Magazine has several columns available for rotating authors. Case in Point columns are case studies submitted by ACFE members who’ve been down in the trenches and learned some great lessons from their experiences. In the Fraud Magazine survey, members said they are eager to read more case studies submitted by their colleagues. The cases are often fascinating enough on their own, but they also provide insight into investigative strategy and detection techniques that are invaluable. Click here to see a sample of this column. 

    Authors of FraudBasics columns review basic fraud examination tenets for the practitioner regardless of age or experience. Click here to see a sample of this column. 

    The Fraud and the Law column reviews legal issues and anti-fraud laws and legislation. Fraud Magazine is hoping to revive this column. If you’ve got a J.D. and a good column topic related to law, please contact Editor-in-Chief Dick Carozza. Click here to see a sample of this column. 

    Starting Out is a column written by  Colin May, M.S., CFE, a forensic financial investigator, and edited by Mark Zimbelman, Ph.D., CPA, Educator Associate Member. They are always looking for recent graduates, graduate students, and young anti-fraud professionals - or those new to the profession - to share their stories. Click here to see a sample of this column. 

    Content written specifically for publication on may be shorter in length. If you wish to be published on the website instead of in the print magazine, please contact Emily Primeaux , assistant editor of Fraud Magazine. As with all story submissions, please include a brief summary of your idea; an outline; your name; credentials; title; company; contact information; and state, province, or country.  


    Ready to get published? First, review the Contributors' Guidelines. Then, contact Dick Carozza with your story idea. We look forward to hearing from you! 




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