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    An interview with Louis Freeh: Tempered ambition

    Louis Freeh has balanced raising six children with a tenacious ambition that led him to be an FBI special agent, an investigator with the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York, a district court judge and the director of the FBI.

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    Informants & whistleblowers: The good, the bad and the ugly

    CFEs should follow the important rules when using and managing informants, whistleblowers and cooperating defendants to avoid sabotaging their cases.

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    Caught by the numbers: Data analytics winnows out possible fraudster

    Learn how you can use powerful data analytics tools to narrow your list of suspects for fraud examinations.

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    Fleecing the shepherds: When houses of worship become victims of fraud

    Houses of worship, as all not-for-profit organizations, are particularly vulnerable to fraud. Read fraudsters' methods and ways congregations can avoid becoming victims while still helping those in need.

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    Identity theft tax refund fraud: A growing epidemic, part 1 of 2

    Identity thieves are using stolen personally identifiable information to file victims' tax returns and then receive their refunds. Here's how they do it and ways to combat and prevent it.

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    Better online security   10 golden tenets of fraud prevention and deterrence, part 1
    How does one react when the mode of fraud detection is open, and he or she knows they risk being caught?
    Better online security   Better online security: Help smaller clients achieve it
    Smaller enterprises are increasingly the targets of choice for cybercrooks and no wonder.
    FCPA compliance in China   FCPA compliance in China
    Foreign investors need to pay close attention to stay on the right side of China's local and international anti-bribery laws.
    The art of illusion   The art of illusion: Look for what's not on the page
    It's not what's on the page that matters; it's what's not on the page that matters. 
    s2w-change-ahead-thumb.jpg   Taking AML to the next level: FinCEN pivots for synergy with its partners
    Liberty Reserve, S.A., a Costa Rica-based Internet money transfer system, served a million customers around the world and in the U.S. Not any more. 
    s2w-intellectual-property-theft-thumb.jpg   The CFE as IP security advisor: Raising consciousness, promoting balance
    “Business is hell,” said U.S. Civil War Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman ... well, not quite. 
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    I’m a CFE
    Joan Drabczyk, CFE, Senior Court Analyst, New York State Grievance Committee 

    Fraud EDge
    Visual sizzle: Student-made videos in the classroom 

    Future Fraud Trends
    Bitcoin creating virtual Wild West: Anonymous cyber world spawning enterprising fraudsters 

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    $1.9 million tax return fraud: Santa Clara man sentenced to time served 
    A Santa Clara man who admitted receiving $1.9 million in fraudulent electronic tax returns from a sophisticated scheme that federal authorities found difficult to crack was soon expected to walk out of jail after being sentenced Monday in a federal court in Phoenix to the five years he's spent in custody.

    After years of probes, SEC fraud trial over Texas tycoons to start
    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission faces off against wealthy Texas investor Samuel Wyly and the estate of his late brother, Charles, this week in a trial over long-standing accusations that they engaged in a $550 million fraud.

    IBM's Big Hope for Fraud
    On Thursday, IBM announced the creation of a fraud and financial crimes prevention business that combines big data analytics, business know-how and data visualization.

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  • Do you know a victim of identity theft tax refund fraud?

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    Walt Manning, CFE, President, Investigations MD, outlines the pitfalls of fraud examination on the cloud.


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