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    Finishing well by starting well

    A pillar in the fraud examination profession provide seven tips, which can help ensure that at the end of a long career you’ll know you did your best in fighting fraud.

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    C-suite fraud options: commit it, permit it or fight it

    To illustrate C-suite nonfeasance, part two of this article cites recent examples from the real estate sector. Here’s a discussion of how CFEs can help its leaders — and those in all industries — actively fight fraud.

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    Sorry, this fraud has been disconnected, part 1

    Dan Jackson was living the good life: a well-paying job, beautiful wife, Rolex watches. However, the façade hid a man who defrauded his company of $1.5 million.

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    Tangled wires

    Automated Clearing House and wire transfers are increasing but so is fraud in these transactions. Here are ways to prevent and fight these lucrative crimes.

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    Turning on a dime

    When a case takes an unanticipated turn, these fraud examiners regroup and refocus their examination to discover evidence that eventually helped obtain a felony conviction on a corrupt city official.

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    Expectations smoothing: 'Cookie jar' reserves for your career   Expectations smoothing: 'Cookie jar' reserves for your career
    Learn about the legitimate environments in which the measured use of managed “earnings” can benefit you.
    Filling the fraud examiner’s toolbox   Filling the fraud examiner’s toolbox
    Using the right tools, skills and abilities, you can make a direct impact upon the successful resolution of an investigation.
    The anguish of victims   The anguish of victims
    The human impact of fraud beyond the statistics as seen in six financial-crime victims' stories.
    Need access to historical banking information   Need access to historical banking information? Better read the fine print...
    Accessing information electronically creates savings, but that can also come at a significant cost elsewhere.
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    Fraud Basics
    Stop insider fraud with improved policies, advanced data analytics

    ACFE Cookbook
    Don't sell the short sellers short

    Research Findings
    The social side of fraud: Collusion and culture

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    Attorney blames couple's bookkeeper in grant fraud case
    A federal jury will begin deliberating Wednesday in the trial of a Chicago businessman and his wife accused of using millions of dollars in state public health grant money for luxury cars, vacation home upkeep and a mortgage for their son. 

    After delay, Sony warns workers about leaked data
    Fallout from the massive Sony data breach is widening, as Sony Pictures Entertainment is warning current and former employees about fraudsters who might be prowling the Internet to take advantage of leaked personal information.

    Halal meat supplier hit with fraud charges
    A food supplier falsely marketed beef to Muslims around the world for years as meeting strict halal standards, exporting products that weren't slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law, federal prosecutors allege in a lengthy fraud indictment.

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