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    C-suite fraud options: commit it, permit it or fight it

    Organizations urgently need to improve their employees’ ability to report C-suite misbehavior without retribution. Here are the ways CFEs can help businesses do just that.

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    Fraud in umbrella contracts

    A case study shows a missed major conflict of interest and teaches the ways to detect and deter fraud in the procurement process.

    ‘Income smoothing’ becomes fraud

    A team of fraud fighters uses three different analytical tools for measuring accruals to find manipulations.

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    Prepare for the unknown

    Fraud examiners can take precautions to stay safe when conducting examinations domestically and abroad.

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    The successful fraud fighter

    Regardless of the stage of your career, all of us need to be reminded why we decided to become fraud examiners or investigators.

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    Filling the fraud examiner’s toolbox   Filling the fraud examiner’s toolbox
    Using the right tools, skills and abilities, you can make a direct impact upon the successful resolution of an investigation.
    The anguish of victims   The anguish of victims
    The human impact of fraud beyond the statistics as seen in six financial-crime victims' stories.
    Need access to historical banking information   Need access to historical banking information? Better read the fine print...
    Accessing information electronically creates savings, but that can also come at a significant cost elsewhere.
    Investigating residency fraud   Investigating residency fraud
    Residency fraud has become a major problem in the District of Columbia, costing taxpayers more than $5 million a year.
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