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    An interview with Leslie R. Caldwell, U.S. assistant attorney general for the DOJ's Criminal Division

    Leslie Caldwell encourages companies to comply with all regulations, but if they discover possible crimes within their walls, total cooperation will greatly ease their treatment.

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    What's the price tag? Measuring the economic impacts of fraud

    Fraud examiners can help their organizations measure the economic effects of fraud and thereby aid management to more accurately assess and adjust prevention and detection efforts.

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    Condo fraud revealed

    Condo homeowners' environments can be incubators of fraud because volunteers comprise the boards that oversee the collection of large sums of money, and they might not properly manage these funds for the benefit of clueless residents.

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    Burgeoning botnets!

    In part 2, we examine more botnet and malware case histories, analyze data breach causal factors and related statistics, and discuss ways to avoid becoming a victim of these nefarious schemes.

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    Tipping the balance: Never assume guilt or innocence

    The initial evidence pointed toward an open-and-shut embezzlement case. But the author describes the assumptions that almost led to an innocent employee's downfall, and he details his fraud examination that revealed the truth.

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    On cross On cross
    A Certified Fraud Examiner and paralegal discusses memorable criminal defense attorneys’ cross-examination strategies.
    Why companies are afraid to fight fraud Why companies are afraid to fight fraud
    Data breach concerns, distrust of technology and loss of reputation
    The anguish of victims The Executive Fraud Triangle
    In this evolved Fraud Triangle, the possibly fraudulent executive is surrounded by three points: greed, pride and entitlement.
    Preventing corporate fraud during organizational transformation Preventing corporate fraud during organizational transformation
    Change is inevitable, but it exposes companies to significant fraud risks.
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