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In today's fast-paced, always-on-the-go world, you can't always have the latest issue of Fraud Magazine at hand, much less a collection of back issues.

Or can you?

With the launch of our Fraud Magazine app, you have access to all the articles and down-in-the-trenches information you have come to expect from us, wherever your work or where your life may take you. The free app, available for the iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones, gives you complete access to the current issue as well as multiple back issues of the magazine directly on your tablet or smartphone, whether you're riding the Metro or jetting to Hong Kong.

You will need your user ID, which is your email address, and a unique password, different from your ACFE.com password. Your Fraud Magazine app password can be found through your ACFE account. Login here to access your password and complete ACFE account information.

To access the app:

Get the iPad version here.
Get the iPhone version here.
Or the Android version here

Stay up-to-date with the latest articles on reducing fraud or look up an article from previous issues to help you with your latest fraud examination. With the Fraud Magazine app, you are never far away from the information and insights of the anti-fraud profession's leading publication.

— The Fraud Magazine team


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By James_Davis_5
Can't sign in - authentication failed even though I confirmed my log in,
By Gatot_Hidayat
I coukd hot sign in to the APP It Keep saying that My authentication was failed
By DTwait
I was able to download the Android app from the Play store. However, any attempt to download an issue to utilize the app only redirects me to the fraud-magazine.com website. I believe the app is intended to house and serve as a viewer for digital issues rather than be a redirect to the website. Please fix so I can enjoy your content from the app in addition to this website and the print version.
By Brian_Prucey
App will not download to my Kindle Fire.
By Karl_McCormack
I am pleased there is a Fraud Magazine app. However will you be publishing a BlackBerry app? I am sure there are many of us with BlackBerry smartphones and even some of us with the PlayBook tablet. It would be great to be able to use this app. Thanks, Karl.
By Diaz Priantara
Good innovation, congratulation!
By Richard_Hamilton
Congratulations on releasing the Fraud Magazine app. When will you be publishing the Android version to Google Play? In the meantime, is there another way to download the Android version that does not require me to log into the androidzoom.com site? I would like the Android version, but I am not prepared to log into androidzoom.com to download it. Thanks, Richard