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    Application Fraud and Account Monitoring

    This whitepaper discusses the challenges involved in combating first party fraud and our established best practice. Banks can significantly reduce their levels of bad debt and collection expenses by specifically targeting first party fraud. Advanced network analytics with real-time screening is the key to early fraud detection and prevention prior to incurring large losses. Download this whitepaper to learn more about managing first party fraud.

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    Today's Digital Identity Crisis

    In the digital age, banks need next-generation, data-driven KYC solutions to confront the Dark Web's black market and disrupt identity theft in the process. The following report will create a conceptual framework through which providers can address and resolve the deepening digital identity crisis.

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    Combatting Purchasing Card and T&E Expense Fraud: Getting Started eBook

    John Verver (CA, CISA, CMC), Vice President, Product Strategy and Alliances, ACL

    Purchasing Card programs and T&E are two key areas where data analysis technology has a critical role to play in identifying indicators of fraud and stopping fraudsters. By analyzing millions of transactions and looking for red-flags, data analysis can identify where fraud has occurred. Get started with this ACL eBook!

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    Automating Fraud Detection: The Essential Guide

    John Verver (CA, CISA, CMC), Vice President, Product Strategy and Alliances, ACL

    This new ACL whitepaper discusses the critical role data analysis can play in identifying indicators of fraud in most business process areas. Through a discussion of typical frauds, detection processes and tests, you will learn how to achieve results by applying data analysis software in key business areas.

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    Fighting Fraud by Acquiring Intelligence with a Purpose: Rapid Discovery, Flexible Investigation, and Global Sharing

    Derek E. Brink, CISSP, Vice President and Research Fellow, IT Security and IT GRC

    In its analysis of companies that use intelligence and analytics in their initiatives to fight fraud, Aberdeen found — in addition to the foundation of acquiring intelligence — three important high-level themes characterizing the leaders: rapid discovery, flexible investigation, and global sharing. Find out how you can achieve Best-in-Class results.

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    An Inside Perspective on Automobile Insurance Fraud

    Why is it so easy to steal from insurance companies? This paper offers insights from a fraud investigator and a fraud ring mastermind on how to detect the seven steps often used to pull off a successful insurance scam.

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    Cyberrisk in banking

    Longitude Research

    Cybercriminals are finding new ways and reinventing old ways to launch more sophisticated attacks. Financial institutions are often the first to face new threats. Based on a survey of 250 banking executives and in-depth expert interviews, this report looks at the cybersecurity challenges and opportunities modern banks face.

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    Technology in the Fight Against Money Laundering in the New Digital Currency Age

    This white paper, brought to you by Thomson Reuters, explores the changes occurring in illegal money-laundering activities, and what financial institutions and law enforcement agencies are doing to combat this growing threat to the stability of the world’s financial system through the use of new strategies, regulations and technology.

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    Tackling Employee Misclassification – The Hidden Tax


    Many business owners illegally misclassify their employees as exempt independent contractors, costing state and federal governments untold billions of dollars annually.
    This paper explains how some governments use the SAS® Fraud Framework for Government to consolidate information from many departments to identify perpetrators and end this illegal practice.

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    An Enterprise Approach to Fraud Detection and Prevention in Government Programs


    When government programs each have their own fraud detection capabilities, it's difficult to connect the dots and identify fraudsters across multiple systems. This white paper examines an enterprise view of data – with an analytics framework that enables governments to move quickly and detect fraud at a lower cost.

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    The Secret Weapon in the Fight Against Fraud

    Instaknow.com, Inc.

    This white paper discusses how Artificial Intelligence can assist the investigator to stem the staggering and ever-increasing losses due to fraud. It explores various approaches to handling the growing caseloads, which require tedious, time-consuming analysis of data from many sources, and it identifies a powerful secret weapon in the fight against fraud.

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    A Practical Guide to Anomaly Detection: Implications of meeting FFIEC minimum expectations for layered security

    Guardian Analytics

    This paper offers practical answers to commonly asked questions about the capabilities, implementation, and benefits of anomaly detection solutions and how they really work to stop online banking fraud.

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    FFIEC Online Banking Security Readiness Study

    This study, reflecting input from over 300 banking executives, shows what financial institutions are doing to address the increased online banking security requirements articulated in the FFIECGuidance Supplement. The findings highlight that while FIs have made some progress, there are key gaps that must be addressed.

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