OIG Of Texas Department Of Criminal Justice Joins ACFE Law Enforcement Partnership


The Office of the Inspector General, Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) recently recognized the CFE credential for hiring and promotional purposes through the ACFE's Law Enforcement Partnership program.

"The mission of the ACFE is of great value to the OIG and our continued efforts at combating economic crimes within our agency," said Chris H. Stallings, deputy director of the Office of the Inspector General, TDCJ.

"We have sponsored numerous investigators within our division to undergo your professional training. The training has proven to be very valuable in our endeavor to fight fraud, waste, and abuse."

Stallings said the Certified Fraud Examiner credential denotes proven expertise in fraud prevention, detection, and investigation. "As a result, we will utilize the CFE for hiring and promotional purposes when appropriate," he said. "We consider it an honor to be able to partner with the ACFE and are looking forward to a continued relationship."

The mission of the Office of Inspector General, TDCJ is to ensure coordination and effective communication among the Texas Board of Criminal Justice (TBCJ), executive management, and the primary investigative functions for the TDCJ, as well as to monitor and report overall compliance with the regulations and policies of the TDCJ and the laws of the state of Texas to the TBCJ, according to a department spokesperson. 

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