What Will Be Your Summer Story?

By Colin May, CFE; Mark F. Zimbelman, Ph.D. CPA, Educator Associate Member
Starting Out 
Do you remember when your second- or third-grade teacher on the first day of school asked the class what they did over the summer? Most kids went to a summer camp or on a family vacation. Some did some pretty cool things like touring Europe or hiking the Appalachian Trail. After the summer of 2008, what will be your story? Maybe you'll work a major fraud case at a local bank or conduct surveillance as part of a criminal investigation. Or possibly you'll conduct interviews for a fraud awareness audit. The opportunities for summer internships are numerous; all you need to do is grab control of your destiny and see what's out there. 

We'd like to give you some pointers on internship opportunities. As we review recent news, it's obvious that it's an amazing time to be in the fraud examination field! With the semester nearly half over, it's a perfect time to put the internship and job search into high gear. If you're still going to be in school next year, let's explore opportunities to broaden your horizons this summer.

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