Three Agencies Join ACFE Law Enforcement Partnership

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Three agencies recently recognized the Certified Fraud Examiner credential for hiring and promotional purposes through the ACFE's Law Enforcement Partnership program.

The Office of the Inspector General for the City of New Orleans, the Office of the Inspector General of Miami-Dade County, and the Elgin (Illinois) Police Department now join several other entities in the program.

"I recognize the value of the CFE designation as an essential professional credential that gives my employees an added level of expertise to facilitate our work," said Robert A. Cerasoli, CFE, CIG, CIGI, inspector general for the City of New Orleans. He recently began the office and is hiring several employees for key positions.

In response to the public's demand for clean government, the Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners created the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), according to a spokesperson. The OIG is authorized to detect, investigate and prevent fraud, waste, mismanagement, and abuse of power in county projects, programs or contracts.

This is one of few OIGs in the country that has jurisdiction to investigate officials at any level, including elected officials, the spokesperson said. The OIG's principal objective is to promote ethics, honesty, and efficiency in government and to restore and promote the public's trust in government. "The goal is to prevent misconduct and abuse, expose it publicly, and seek appropriate remedies to recover public monies," according to the spokesperson.

Lisa Womack, the chief of the Elgin (Illinois) Police Department said the CFE credential "denotes proven expertise in fraud prevention, detection, deterrence, and investigation." She said the Elgin Police Department uses the CFE credential as one of the criteria in its promotional process and actively recruits those who possess it.

These agencies join other participants in the ACFE Law Enforcement Partnership: the Office of the Inspector General, Texas Department of Criminal Justice; the Office of the Inspector General for the National Reconnaissance Office; the Office of the Auditor General, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; the Miami-Dade Police Department; the FBI; the U.S. Postal Inspection Service; the U.S. Government Accountability Office; the U.S. Department of Defense; and the Office of the Inspector General, U.S. Department of the Interior.

Participants in the ACFE Law Enforcement Partnership are granted these benefits:

  • Free employment ads in the ACFE Web site Career Center
  • Complimentary booth space at the ACFE's Annual Fraud Conference and Exhibition
  • Coverage of the agency's mission in Fraud Magazine and recognition on the ACFE's Web site
  • Discounts on ACFE conferences, seminars, and other learning methods
  • Peer networking with other anti-fraud specialists
  • Discounts on certification. 

The only requirement to participate in the ACFE Law Enforcement Partnership is the formal recognition of the CFE credential by inclusion of the CFE in preferred hiring qualifications for the agency's anti-fraud personnel, and consideration of the CFE for promotional opportunities within the agency.

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