ACFE News: Two New Law Enforcment Partners Recognize CFE Credential

ACFE News 

Two New Law Enforcment Partners Recognize CFE Credential 

March/April 2010 

The Department of Taxation of the State of Hawaii and the Tennessee Department of Revenue Special Investigations recently recognized the Certified Fraud Examiner credential for hiring and promotional purposes as they become members of the ACFE Law Enforcement Partnership (LEP).

Ronald B. Randall, compliance division administrator for the Department of Taxation of the State of Hawaii, said the ACFE’s LEP program will be a great benefit for his approximately 300 employees.

“We look forward to participating in the Law Enforcement Partnership program and working with you to achieve success in combating fraud,” Randall said.

The mission of the Department of Taxation of the State of Hawaii is to ensure that all sectors of Hawaii’s economy, especially those that transact business in cash, pay their fair share of taxes, and to prevent, through enforcement and deterrence, the shortchanging of those that comply with Hawaii tax laws, Randall said.

David A. Remke, director of the Tennessee Department of Revenue Special Investigations, said the Certified Fraud Examiner credential is one of the professional designations used and recognized by his department.

“The CFE credential denotes proven expertise in fraud prevention, detection, and investigation,” Remke said. “We will continue to encourage all staff to enhance their professional credentials through the inclusion of the CFE credential. We are proud to be counted among other federal, state, and local organizations that have a common bond of detecting, deterring, and prosecuting fraudulent activities.”

Created in 1976, the Tennessee Department of Revenue’s Special Investigations Section (SI) was modeled after the Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Investigative Division. More than 20 staff members work in the unit’s three offices in Nashville, Memphis, and Knoxville, according to an SI spokesperson.

SI was established to serve as the primary criminal tax enforcement arm of the commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Revenue. The section’s objectives are to review alleged violations of the tax laws, investigate violations that appear flagrant, and recommend appropriate criminal and civil statutory sanctions based upon the evidence gathered during investigations.

The criminal and civil sanctions imposed are designed to have a significant deterrent effect among tax violators and a positive influence on the compliance attitudes of taxpayers in general, the spokesperson said. SI has the responsibility of investigating allegations of tax fraud and fraudulent schemes that harm Tennessee business owners and consumers and assisting in building public trust and confidence in the administration of Tennessee’s tax structure. The 31 local area district attorney generals’ offices across the state are responsible for prosecution of the tax cases investigated by SI, according to the spokesperson.

Participants in the ACFE Law Enforcement Partnership are granted free employment ads in the ACFE web site Career Center; complimentary booth space at the ACFE’s Annual Fraud Conference and Exhibition; coverage of the agency’s mission in Fraud Magazine; recognition on the ACFE’s Web site as a participant in the program; discounts on ACFE conferences, seminars, and other learning methods; peer networking with other anti-fraud specialists; and discounts on certification.

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