Fraud Examination Academic Conferences Bloom in the Spring

By William J. Kresse, J.D., M.S., CFE, CPA

Fraud EDge  

It has been said that research is the lifeblood of academia. Well, if that's true, then academic conferences must be the air that academia breathes. For what does it profit academicians to devote themselves to research if the findings, theories, and cases developed can't be presented, discussed, and debated with colleagues? 

In the past, with a few exceptions, academic research in fraud examination had to be presented at either academic conferences that were primarily dedicated to other disciplines or at professional conferences. This has placed the fraud examination academic in a difficult spot. Professional conferences, sadly, aren't viewed favorably by many in the academy as "appropriate" venues for presenting academic research. And educators who have wanted to present research in fraud examination at academic conferences in other disciplines had to first get over the hurdle of having their proposals accepted by conference organizers who might not be familiar with, or interested in, fraud examination. 

Happily, this situation is changing. 

Fraud examination is quickly becoming recognized as a discipline in its own right. Academic conferences dedicated to fraud examination are beginning to pop up like tulips in the spring. However, these new academic conferences all tend to have a unique feature: They aren't open only to educators. While many academic conferences in other disciplines seem to be exclusively for academicians in a specific discipline, the organizers of fraud examination academic conferences apparently recognize that much can be learned from, and much can be shared with, fraud examination professionals outside the academy. As such, most of these new fraud examination academic conferences welcome and encourage participation from fraud examination professionals. Two important conferences for fraud examination educators are coming up:

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