Breaking the Status Quo in E-mail Review

Fraud Triangle Analytics

By By Dan Torpey, CPA; Vince Walden, CFE, CPA; and Mike Sherrod, CFE, CPA

Last year, we and the ACFE first introduced Fraud Triangle Analytics (FTA) in the May/June and July/August issues of Fraud Magazine. FTA links electronic communications to the Fraud Triangle through the developing libraries of specific keywords that relate to incentive/pressure, opportunity, and rationalization – the three sides of the triangle. FTA involves searching for the occurrence of those keywords within e-mail or instant message (IM) communications.  

Since the introduction of FTA, corporations, regulators, attorneys, fraud examiners, internal auditors, and accountants have been very interested in this new methodology. In this article, we’ll share the feedback from those who’ve used this methodology on investigations and risk assessments to develop more robust, targeted, and aggressive anti-fraud programs.

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