Nominations for 2006-2007 Board of Regents; Celebrating Giacomo "Jack" Bologna; Chief of FBI visits ACFE; 17th Annual ACFE Fraud Conference

By By Dick Carozza, Cathy Hale and Suzanne Mahadeo


2006 - 2007 ACFE Board of Regents

The ACFE Board of Regents, with its three newly elected members, recently met at the Austin Headquarters to plan for the next year: Advisory member Joseph T. Wells, CFE, CPA, founder and Chairman of the ACFE; advisory member John Warren, JD, CFE, general counsel for the ACFE; Don Mullinax, CFE, CIA, CGFM; Angela Henschel, MBA, CFE, CPA; Board Chairman Corey A. Bloom, CFE, CA, CAoIFA; Board Vice Chairman Tommy Seah, CFE, CMC, FAIA, ASCA, ACIB, MIIA; advisory member Scott Grossfeld, CPA, CEO and Chief Financial Officer of the ACFE; and James E. Whittaker, CFE, CPP, CIFI.

Nominations open for two new Regent positions

Nominations will open on June 1, 2006 for two positions on the Association's 2007-2008 Board of Regents. An application is included in this issue of Fraud Magazine.

"Under the Association bylaws, any CFE in good standing may apply for a position on the Board of Regents. The self-nominating process is open to all of you. I encourage every CFE to apply for membership on the Board and to take advantage of the opportunity to contribute to the future development of the ACFE and to ensure the maintenance of its professional standards," said Corey A. Bloom, CFE, CA, CAoIFA, chairman of the Board of Regents.

Beginning Nov. 1 and ending Dec. 31, Members will be able to vote for their selections to replace two retiring Board Members. In February 2007, Corey A. Bloom, CFE, CA, CAoIFA, and Tommy Seah, CFE, CMC, ASCA, ACIB, MIIA, will be replaced with new elected Regents who will each serve two-year terms.

The Nominations Committee will select three applicants to vie for each available position in this year's election.
Certified members of the ACFE will then choose two new Regents from a field of six candidates. The new Regents will be installed in February of 2007.

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