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By Cathy Hale

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Fraud knowledge is growing rapidly. Online anti-fraud material is abundant but new professional reference books are still added every week. Good Reads provides reviews on some of the latest books in the field.   

Book: "Windows Forensics and Incident Recovery"
Author: Harlan Carvey
Publisher: Addison Wesley Professional
Publication date: 2004
Reviewer: Kevin Reis, CFE, Special Agent, U.S. Department of Justice


I need to make this disclosure: I'm not a big fan of Windows. My preference is heavily weighted towards OS X, Linux, and the universe of open-source software. However, because Windows is the (current) de facto standard in the corporate and government world, computer forensics professionals need to know how to collect evidence and perform analysis in a Windows environment. Harlan Carvey provides that knowledge in his book, "Windows Forensics and Incident Recovery."

"Windows Forensics and Incident Response" is intended for IT security personnel, incident response team members, and law enforcement. Carvey assumes that his readers have a working knowledge of TCP/IP, networking, basic system administration and a degree of comfort working with command line tools. The focus is on collecting evidence in a "live" environment (that is, while the victim system is still powered-on).




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