Comparing Best Software for Fraud Examinations

Fraud Data Interrogation Tools

By Rich Lanza, CFE, CPA, PMP

Fraud examiners now have a wide choice of data interrogation tools they can use themselves without bothering the IT department. Here's a comparison of the features of the five most popular products.

Jack the fraud examiner had a problem. He had to analyze thousands of figures in an accounts receivable case but his small firm's IT department was snowed under. So he knew he needed to start the analysis himself but what software should he use? Which ones had the features he needed? And was he going to be able to perform the functions with his limited high-tech ability?

In my travels, I am constantly talking to fraud examiners, audit professionals, and other finance professionals who want to use more data analysis to detect fraud. However, they complain that the software is too difficult to learn. But fraud investigation software has become easy to use. Here we'll compare five leading products.

Here are the five products with contact information:


ActiveData for Excel
Microsoft Excel and Access
See Web site for local listing


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