The Next Steps for ACFE

Focusing on Global Growth, Enhancing Value, Outreach, and Stronger Chapters

Focusing on Global Growth, Enhancing Value, Outreach, and Stronger Chapters 

New ACFE President and CEO Toby J.F. Bishop, CFE, CPA, FCA, wants to grow the Association globally, enhance the value of membership, and expand outreach to students and the business community, among other goals.

No tea and biscuits at U.S. seminars. And the letter "z" will remain on all Association computer keyboards. Toby Bishop, ACFE's new President and CEO, and native of the United Kingdom, joked at the recent 13th Annual Fraud Conference & Trade Show that British customs and spelling will not be mandated at the Association.

But Bishop has brought his goals to an association that knows fraud is a global problem and therefore has to expand its scope and services to assist fraud examiners, business people, and entities throughout the world.

As founder and Chairman Joseph T. Wells passes the mantle to Bishop, the ACFE's management team will focus initially on four key areas: 1) global membership growth; 2) enhancing the value of membership; 3) expanding fraud education outreach to serve university students and the business community; and 4) enhancing the infrastructure of the Association to better support members and chapters.

In a recent interview, Bishop elaborated on the focuses. "There is a huge need for fraud information and training around the world," he said. "We currently have 26,000 members in more than 100 countries but most of them are in the United States," he said. "There's a need for many more CFEs in the U.S. to cope with the unacceptably high incidence and cost of fraud. But there's an even greater need outside the U.S., where there are fewer CFEs to begin with," Bishop said.

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