12th Annual Fraud Conference & Trade Show

A Complete Smorgasbord for Anti-fraud Practitioners

The 12th Annual Fraud Conference & Trade Show, Aug. 5-10 at Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel, features a bountiful buffet of fraud examination ideas and methods. 

The ranks of anti-fraud practitioners are burgeoning. How is it possible to present a conference that will appeal to the eager beginner as well as the experienced veteran? By offering attendees an information buffet ranging from basic appetizers to complex entrees. By the end of the 12th Annual Fraud Conference & Trade Show, you'll be nourished with the latest fraud examination knowledge presented by the best "chefs" in the field. Bon appetit!

The 12th Annual Fraud Conference & Trade Show is a conference-goer's dream: you have the complete autonomy to strategize exactly what sessions YOU want to attend, to learn what YOU want to learn.
Every year we ask you to put your business on hold, hop on a plane, pin on a name tag and spend time with your colleagues. In return we offer you the best possible continuing education on fraud examination available anywhere.
This event is actually three conferences in one; participants can attend any or all segments.

  • The four-hour, Pre-Conference, Off-Book Frauds (Sunday, Aug. 5), will teach about schemes that don't appear in books and records.
  • In the 2 ½-day Main Conference (Aug. 6-8), practitioners will choose from 12 tracks (two more than last year) and attend several timely and thought-provoking general sessions taught by experts - in some cases, the criminals themselves.
  • The Post-Conference (Aug. 9-10), is divided into tracks for auditors and investigators, and provides basic level training in the tools and techniques of fraud examination.

By attending all segments, fraud examination practitioners can earn up to 44 fraud-related continuing professional education (CPE) hours.

The 12th Annual Fraud Conference & Trade Show will also feature a trade show, beginning on Sunday evening, Aug. 5, and continuing through Tuesday, Aug. 7.

General Session speakers will include: Barry C. Melancon, CPA, president and CEO of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA); Brent Israelson, president and CEO of iLumin Corporation, speaking on "The Virtual World." In addition, former Arkansas Attorney General Steve Clark will describe his rehabilitation process after a felony travel and expenses fraud conviction. (See sidebar.)

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