New ACFE Social Media Specialist Encourages Online Networking

By Amy Logan

amy-logan-50x50.jpg   Meet the Staff 

Mandy Moody, ACFE's social media specialist
You might be hesitant to participate in online social media, but there’s a good chance you’ll eventually be attracted to it. All it takes is an invitation from a trusted colleague or friend to join his or her network – say, for example, on the popular business site LinkedIn. As soon as you accept and then create your profile, you’ll begin receiving invites to connect with others you know. You might expand your network to Facebook and Twitter. Ultimately, you’ll find that you’re using your computers, smart phones, and e-readers to communicate and socialize in ways you never thought possible. 

Now, there are more ways to connect to the fraud examination community. Mandy Moody, the ACFE’s new social media specialist, is ready to help you deepen your connection to ACFE networks and enhance your career.

This affable wordsmith is launching a slew of social networking initiatives this year. You might have noticed a new Twitter stream on during the 21st Annual ACFE Fraud Conference in Washington, D.C. Now she’s also launched two new ACFE blogs – Fraud Info and ACFE Insights – and a Facebook page. The Twitter stream can be accessed on

“I kind of grew up with social media – or the beginnings of it,” Mandy said. “MySpace was around when I was in high school and Facebook was around when I was in college – I really got to see it and use it first because Facebook started just for college students. Twitter came later. Being part of the popular demographic of users has really helped me in my career.”

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