Bringing Style and Substance to the ACFE

Events Planner Coordinates Seminars as Carefully as She Does Her Outfits

By Cora Bullock

Meet the Staff 




Photo by: Christi Thornton-Hranicky, CFE

Events planner Ashlee Beck-Hanna is the fashion maven of the ACFE. She wears the latest, beautifully coordinated ensembles and "nothing but heels," she says. But do not be fooled. This is no wilting lady. Every day, she rolls up her stylish sleeves and dives into projects. She juggles thousands of details as she plans seminars and conferences. She cajoles and prods busy speakers and vendors. Even her ACFE job description requires her to be able to lift at least 30 pounds!
As a girl, she wore "ruffled bloomers and bonnets," but she was also a tomboy as she played rough with her brother and his friends. She sewed clothes for her Barbie dolls, but then she later helped her dad lay carpet and cleaned houses with her mom and sister. She was going to be captain of her swim team, but left to join the drill team. This combination of style and substance forms the core of this calm, but determined, planner of ACFE events. 






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