Chef 'Tap' Markets the ACFE

Kevin Taparauskas Wows with His Marketing Skills and Barbecue Prowess

By Cora Bullock

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The ACFE's director of marketing and events, Kevin Taparauskas, CFE, has a vocation and an avocation. He is so immersed into the field of marketing that when he once worked for a food manufacturer he would check the burrito section at stores for selection and how they were displayed — on his vacation. Yet, Kevin, an avowed sports nut, does love his University of Texas at Austin football (he is an alum), and he is a member of the Shotgun 30 — a Longhorn tailgate group that has become big enough to have its own sponsors.



Kevin (known as K Tap at the ACFE Headquarters) was born in Pasadena, Texas, just outside of Houston, and grew up in the Clear Lake area. He and his older brother, Trey, were into every kind of sport. "Whatever season it was, that was the sport I was playing, and that was my favorite sport at the time," said Kevin.

His mother Linda, now retired, was an office manager for a group of clinical psychologists, and his father, Bill, owns a commercial construction company. "My dad is a ‘no gray area' kind of guy, honesty above all else. Absolutely, his mentality has carried over to this work and why I ended up at the ACFE," said Kevin.



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