Do Not Let This Happen to You

Common Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Job Hunt

By Thomas Denham;Edited by Colin May, M.S., CFE;Mark F. Zimbelman, Ph.D., CPA, Educator Associate Member

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In these tough economic times, there is little room for error in the job market. In this month's column, Thomas Denham, a career counselor and owner of Careers in Transition LLC in Albany, N.Y., identifies common mistakes that job seekers make and provides practical advice to avoid them.

Focusing on the negative. The No. 1 common mistake among job seekers is not having a positive, upbeat and enthusiastic attitude. Evict any thoughts that are excuses, self-defeating, limiting or roadblocks. Forget about what is not working. Focus on what is working for you. Radiate positive energy. The key to your success is staying mentally and physically fit through diet, exercise, sleep and a good sense of humor.

Not stopping to reflect. STOP and really think about where you are, where you want to be, how you will get there and who will help you. Avoid "career of the week" syndrome by controlling the impulse to jump from one appealing opportunity to the next without conducting due diligence.

Getting stuck in procrastination mode. Failing to focus leads to indecisiveness. Neglecting the daily details will simply prolong your search. You might want to start with the goal of accomplishing two tasks a day, and then increase the number. Be proactive and accomplish one task each morning and one task in the afternoon. Remember: Whatever you resist persists! Stay disciplined with your daily routine.


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