Improving Members' Lives

By Cora Bullock

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ACFE Member Services Representative Ashly Worsham loves to assist members, but she also works to improve her performance with the ACFE's continuing education offerings.




 Member Services Representative 
Ashly Worsham


Member Services Representative Ashly Worsham enjoys talking to members and helping them, but the ACFE fulfills her in a way she never anticipated when she accepted the position — her constant quest for self-improvement. She takes as many classes as the ACFE offers, from speech and finance to personal safety and business writing. "At the ACFE, they want you as a staff member to further yourself," she said. "You feel valued."



Ashly was born in the East Texas town of Groves, but immediately moved to La Grange, where she grew up. Her family includes little sister April, with whom she is extremely close, and brother David, who is six years younger. Her mother, Brenda, worked as a seamstress when the kids were young. She then went on to work for the grocery store chain H-E-B, first as a bookkeeper, later as a customer service representative. Her father, David, was a petro-chemical draftsman when Ashly was little, then returned to school to earn a certificate in computer technology. He now is a computer technician with the Lower Colorado River Authority.

Ashly grew up in the country. She lived off a dirt road, and they raised Barbado sheep, pigs and cattle. The family had a stock tank for fishing. But Ashly, who calls herself "pretty girly," avoided all of that and stayed inside with her mother, who taught her to sew and cook. Ashly still takes scraps of fabric and hand sews dresses. She loved to play dress-up: "I remember reading ‘Gone With the Wind' really young and then pretending I was Scarlett in the backyard," she said. "I also thought math was fun when I was a kid. My dad (being a techie) gave me a huge IBM and installed ‘Math Blasters.' I became obsessed with it for a whole summer until I beat it."

Her father focused on making her independent. "He wanted me to not be reliant on anyone," she said. Like him, Ashly is a comedian. On her first day at the ACFE, President and CEO James Ratley, CFE, told her (falsely and with a straight face) that he was the custodian and would take care of trash and small spills. An hour later, she called him to clean up an imaginary soda spill under her desk, knowing full well who he really was. Jim was delighted, of course.

Ashly's parents divorced when she was 11, but they remained friends and still live near one another. Her mother remarried, and Ashly considers her stepfather, Hunter, like a second father. (She also has two older stepsisters from the union with whom she is close.) He sparked her enthusiasm for science fiction so much that she even gave a presentation during the ACFE speech course about how much she loves the recent remake of the sci-fi TV series "Battlestar Galactica." 

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