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Alex Barrientes, CFE

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Alex Barrientes, CFE (left), shakes the hand of 
Texas Gov. Mark White in the early 1980s, after 
commemorating Internal Audit. Week.
Alexander "Alex" Barrientes, CFE, 60, of San Antonio, Texas, passed away Jan. 27 after years of battling pulmonary fibrosis.


One of the first ACFE members — he received his CFE in 1989 — he was critical in establishing Austin as the first ACFE chapter.

"As one of our first CFEs, Alex's wisdom and experience was instrumental in helping to form the ACFE we know today," says James T. Ratley, CFE, President and CEO of the ACFE. "He was a true professional who gave very freely of his time and knowledge."


Mike Garner, CFE, CIA, MSQSM, met Mr. Barrientes in 1982, and they quickly became good friends. "In 1989, Alex quickly started discussing with me the advantages of becoming a CFE and joining the Austin chapter," says Mr. Garner. "Alex then sponsored my CFE application."  

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