ACFE’s ‘Team INTANGIBLE A$$ET$’ conquers MS 150 bicycle ride

By Leslie Simpson, CFE

 ACFE News 

 ACFE's INTANGIBLE A$$ET$, from left to right: Mike Johnson, 
Karen Johnson, Kate Remaley, Anna Moyano, Leslie Simpson, 
Stuart Simpson, Alani Mundie, Justin Dillon, Jan Orr, Ashley Stone, 
Patrick Orr, Travis Kolaja, Caitlin Perdue and Katharine Bosworth

On April 21-22, 20 ACFE staff members, spouses and friends completed the MS 150 — a bicycle ride from Houston to Austin, Texas, to raise funds for multiple sclerosis. ACFE Membership Director Leslie Simpson, CFE, one of the ride's organizers, shares some of her thoughts about the experience. – ed.

I was lucky enough to join 19 other teammates in the recent MS 150 bike ride from Houston to Austin. We survived two days and more than 170 miles of sweat, exhaustion and tons of laughs. Our ride taught us that 20+ mph headwinds aren't always your friends. 

Those strong winds not only tested our strength but gave us an added perspective. As a leader with the National MS Society aptly said, "A headwind on a bike is a temporary challenge compared to the daily challenge of a life with MS." 

I think I can speak for the entire team when I say we will never forget the inspiration we felt riding past a lady on the sideline who held a sign stating, "Because you ride, I will survive," the encouraging words from teammates, the pride we felt when other riders recognized the ACFE seal and talked to us about earning the CFE credential and the joy we felt when we rounded the corner and saw the finish line.



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