2012 - September October - Digital Version

SeptOct-2012-cover  Planning to be out of town the week your Fraud Magazine is delivered? Forget to pack some reading material for the plane? Do you live outside the United States and wish you could get your Fraud Magazine faster?  

 If you answered yes to any of the questions above you might appreciate having access to the full digital version of Fraud Magazine. Members and subscribers may view the digital version of Fraud Magazine after logging in. Once signed in, you will be routed to a page displaying the cover of the magazine you’ve chosen to read in digital form. Hit the “View Now” button and your magazine will appear in PDF form with flippable pages, a click-through table of contents, and more. 

 We hope you enjoy this benefit of ACFE membership and we look forward to continuing to enhance your membership benefits in the future. 

 -- The Fraud Magazine team

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By Andres_2
The digital version forced me to update Adobe Flash Player, which forced me to shut down Firefox. When I eventually got back to try to view the digital edition, the site just showed that it was loading the magazine, but nothing ever appeared on screen. Simplify this. Publish the magazine in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
By Jon_762
why can't the magazine be in pdf format, could not download the magazine. Very disappointed with poor service of the association, now that it is all digital instead of hard copy.