Find the money — now

 jim-ratley-80x80    From the President & CEO

As fraud examiners, we're good at "following the money." But we should also be skilled at finding the money.

Fraudsters don't just steal money; they hide it. Our job, after uncovering the crime, is to tenaciously and quickly look under every rock to find our client's or employer's funds before they vanish.

The ACFE's 2012 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse states that fewer than half of fraud victims recover any of their losses. That's an incentive for us to become experts in tracking down and returning misappropriated assets.

"It takes a wide range of skills and knowledge to perform this service well," says David Zweighaft, CFE, CPA, managing partner of DsZ Forensic Accounting and Consulting Services LLC in New York City, in our cover article, "Search and restore: asset recovery in the digital age." 

"At a minimum that means solid competence in basic accounting and finance, familiarity with applicable laws and how attorneys work and experience in managing large, diverse bodies of paper and electronic evidence," Zweighaft says in the article written by Contributing Editor Robert Tie, CFE, CFP. 

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