In Memoriam

Gilbert Geis, Ph.D., CFE (1925-2012)


JanFeb-gil-geisGilbert Geis, Ph.D., CFE, 87, one of the early pillars of the ACFE, passed away Nov. 10, 2012, after a long illness.

Dr. Geis, the former professor emeritus in the Department of Criminology, Law & Society in the School of Social Ecology at the University of California at Irvine (UCI), was instrumental in forming the philosophy of the ACFE.

"Gil Geis was a giant in criminology research and teaching," said Dr. Joseph T. Wells, CFE, CPA, founder and Chairman of the ACFE. "His seminal ideas helped create the ACFE. He was a mentor and advisor to me. But above all, he was a genuine and kind friend. We will miss him greatly."

Dr. Geis wrote the criminology section of the ACFE's Fraud Examiners Manual and was the ACFE's president from 1992 until 2002.

"The promise in the pioneering work of [criminologist] Edwin Sutherland on white-collar crime [Sutherland coined the term] has been fulfilled more in the works of Geis than in the works of any other scholar," wrote Dr. Robert F. Meir, in the book "Contemporary Issues in Crime & Criminal Justice: Essays in Honor of Gilbert Geis," edited by Dr. Henry N. Pontell, a close friend, and Dr. David Shichor.

    Dr. Geis introduces the first ACFE Report to the Nations on 
     Occupational Fraud and Abuse
 at the Texas State Capitol in 1995.
"Gil was not only a leader in the field of fraud prevention and criminology, but a close colleague, mentor and dear friend to so many," said Dr. Pontell, professor and director of the Master of Advanced Study Program in the Department of Criminology, Law and Society at the UCI School of Social Ecology. 

"As one of the most prolific and thoughtful scholars ever in the social sciences, Gil kept writing until his final days," Dr. Pontell said. "His keen sense of justice and humanity were evident in everything he accomplished during a brilliant academic career spanning eight decades. His legacy will undoubtedly influence scholars for many years to come."

"Gilbert Geis was well known as a prolific scholar, charming colleague and beloved friend," said Dr. Valerie Jenness, dean of the UCI School of Social Ecology. "For so many of us, it was a pleasure and an enriching experience to know him." 

Though he was a leading researcher in white-collar crime, his work spanned sociology, psychology, history, criminal justice, law, media studies, education, policy studies and many sub-disciplines. 

Dr. Geis also held academic positions at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Pennsylvania State University, the University of Sydney, the Institute of Criminology and Wolfson College at Cambridge University, California State University, State University of New York – Albany and the University of Oklahoma.  

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