New Regents join board during its semi-annual meeting



2013-2014 Board of Regents meet in Austin - The 
2013-2014 ACFE Board of Regents met in February at the 
Global Headquarters in Austin, Texas (from left): ACFE 
Vice President and Program Director Bruce Dorries, J.D.,
CFE, CPA, CVA; Roger Darvall-Stevens, MBA, CFE; Board 
Vice Chairman Richard G. Brody, Ph.D., CFE, CPA; Bruce G.
Dubinsky, CFE, CPA; Board Chairman James J. Oakes; ACFE
President & CEO James D. Ratley, CFE; Michelle Brown, CFE;
ACFE Vice President and General Counsel John Warren, 
J.D., CFE. Photo by Mathew Sturtevant. 
ACFE News   


Richard G. Brody, Ph.D., CFE, CPA, and Bruce G. Dubinsky, CFE, CPA, took their oaths of office as newly elected members of the Board of Regents during the Board’s semi-annual meeting Feb. 19-20 at ACFE headquarters in Austin, Texas. James J. Oakes, CFE, was elected chairman, and Richard G. Brody, Ph.D., CFE, CPA, was elected vice-chairman. Darvall-Stevens was elected secretary; Brown, treasurer; and Dubinsky, assistant treasurer.

The Board reviewed and discussed the membership growth of the ACFE which recently surpassed 65,000 members. There are currently 148 chapters in 42 countries and efforts are underway to develop additional chapters in Egypt, Spain and Charleston, W.V.


The Board also discussed international membership expansion and continued training in the global marketplace. 


The ACFE Corporate Alliance program continues to expand. A number of major organizations, including Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 500 companies, have now joined the program. The Corporate Alliance is designed to support the implementation of anti-fraud best practices in organizations by providing access to tools, training and resources from the ACFE. Participation in the ACFE Corporate Alliance helps companies demonstrate their commitment to the fight against fraud.    


The ACFE Anti-Fraud Education Partnership now has 486 participating colleges and universities around the world addressing the need for fraud examination education.


The Board discussed several member disciplinary matters that will be forwarded to the ACFE Board of Review for recommendations. ACFE committee reports were reviewed and new members were appointed to replace outgoing members. The Board voted to dissolve the Professional Development Committee because functions previously performed by this committee are now being done by members of the ACFE Advisory Council.


The Regents discussed the Professional Standards for Certified Fraud Examiners drafted in January 2012. The standards are still being revised. A final draft is expected to be ready for public comment later in the year.


The next meeting of the Board of Regents will be held in June during the 24th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference at the ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nev.



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