Managing your complicated cases

By James D. Ratley, CFE

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When our members need pointers, suggestions or answers, they turn to their peers on the ACFE discussion forums. We have the General Forum, the CFE Exam and Prep Course Forum, the Employment Forum, the Chapter Forum — well, you’ll have to check all of them out at I often see recurring topics in the forums that many of our members need help on. For example, we’ve had numerous discussion threads in the General Forum that begin with something like, “Our team is trying to bring up our investigation capabilities to the next level. We are researching on possible technologies that will allow us to automate our process. … We are looking for suitable case management software.” 

Look no further. In this issue, Contributing Editor Robert Tie, CFE, CFP, describes how fraud examiners can use seven popular case management software (CMS) systems; in part 2, he’ll review eight more. In both parts, three experienced CFEs — who are on the ACFE faculty — offer strategic and tactical tips on selecting and using a CMS.

This is valuable information for almost every budget-strapped fraud examiner who’s juggling incongruent cases, paper and digital evidence, hotlines, interview results, reports and — most importantly — deadlines. 


Plus, increasingly, you have to manage cases crossing the globe. “In today’s digitized global business environment, fraud examinations routinely span several countries and involve many fraud examiners and multiple languages,” says Jim Butterworth, CFE, chief security officer at HBGary Inc., a cyber-security consultancy in Sacramento, Calif., in the cover article.  

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