ACFE’s ‘Team Intangible Assets’ conquers BP MS 150 bicycle ride again to raise more than $12,000


Members of the ACFE’s “Team Intangible Assets” take a break from the BP MS 150 bicycle ride 
to have lunch with the team’s benefactors, Dr. Joseph T. Wells, CFE, CPA, founder and Chairman 
of the ACFE, and his wife, Judy Wells: front row, Ashley Stone, CFE; Katharine Bosworth, CFE; 
Caitlin Perdue, CFE; Alicia Vera; Judy Wells; Kate Remaley; Leslie Simpson, CFE; Lori Scott; 
John Loftis; CFE; Stu Simpson; Jeannie Kwong, CPA; and Catherine Lofland, CFE, CPA. 
Back row, Kristin Tommey; Victor Vargas; Curtis Bixley; Travis Kolaja, CFE; and Dr. Wells. 
Missing from the photo (but still ride finishers): Marianne Fatter, CFE, CPA; Mervin Fatter; 
Karen Johnson, CFE; and Mike Johnson.
For the second year in a row, 19 ACFE staff members, their friends and family joined together April 20-21 as Team Intangible Assets to complete the 2013 BP MS 150 — a 170-mile bicycle ride from Houston to Austin, Texas — to raise awareness and funds for research for the cause, treatment and cure for multiple sclerosis (MS). 

More than 400,000 in the U.S. (and 56,426 in Texas) have this debilitating disease

“We quickly formed a cohesive team of cyclists who had the amazing opportunity to bond while supporting a worthy cause,” says Katharine Bosworth, CFE, ACFE human resources coordinator and team co-captain (along with Caitlin Perdue, CFE, ACFE events marketing specialist). “I think I can speak for the entire team when I say that it doesn’t take more than a few miles to feel passionate about the ride. Once you’ve passed the numerous signs stating, ‘I live because you ride,’ or given a high five to a grateful spectator whose life has been drastically affected by the disease or put down your bicycle next to someone who has to be lifted off their bicycle because they ride with MS, it becomes about so much more.” 

The ACFE team spent months training in the central Texas Hill Country. But they also tenaciously asked for donations and hosted crawfish boils and raffled off artwork and desserts to raise more than $12,000 (and counting). The team even won a fundraising contest for Austin-based MS 150 teams. 

The Intangible Assets jerseys helped them make new friends along the way as other riders recognized or inquired about the ACFE seal. “It makes the ride a more interesting challenge when someone asks you about becoming certified on your way to the top of a hill,” said John Loftis, CFE, product marketing manager at the ACFE. 

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