ACFE's 'Team Intangible Assets' raises nearly $15,000 in another successful BP MS 150 ride



Members of the ACFE’s “Team Intangible Assets” take a
break from the BP MS 150 bicycle ride to have lunch with Dr.
Joseph T. Wells, CFE, CPA, founder and Chairman of the
ACFE, and his wife, Judy Wells. 
Front row: Stuart Simpson;
Kate Remaley; Cordaro Vasquez, marketing coordinator;
Justin Dillon, CFE, assistant member services manager;
Ashley Stone, CFE, chapter development manager;
Gina Estrada, member services representative;
Ashley Eddleman, certification administrator; Jennifer Kiskin,
member services representative; John Loftis, CFE,
product marketing manager; and Katharine Bosworth, CFE,
human resources coordinator. Back row: Lisa Velez;
Victor Vargas; Eric Franco, lead certification administrator;
Dr. Wells; and Leslie Simpson, CFE, director of events.
Not pictured: Todd Wernli and LaDonna Wernli, CFE,
SPHR, CBP, human resources manager.

When the ACFE's "Team Intangible Assets" first formed in 2011 to ride in the BP MS 150, they jokingly considered naming the team "Hills & Headwinds." That name would have been the appropriate for this year's race. "Even with perfect weather, riding 170 miles of Texas hill country is a challenge. Riding with headwinds and crosswinds? That's not a challenge, that's a struggle," says Katharine Bosworth, CFE, ACFE human resources coordinator and team captain.

For the third year in a row, 18 ACFE staff members, their friends and family attacked the challenge head-on, riding as Team Intangible Assets. The two-day ride, April 18-19, from Houston to Austin raises awareness and funds for research for the cause, treatment and cure of multiple sclerosis (MS).

This year, the team energized fundraising, and the response was incredible, said Bosworth. While the prospect of needing to raise at least $400 each was intimidating for new participants, on average, the ACFE riders raised twice that. According to Bosworth, the riders really challenged themselves to go above and beyond by hosting raffles, happy hours, garage sales and crawfish boils to raise close to $15,000 as a team.

And despite the fact that half of the riders were new to the MS 150 this year (and most new to bicycling), the team tackled the windy weather on the first day and outraced the threat of rain on the second. First-time participant and ACFE Human Resources Manager LaDonna Wernli, CFE, SPHR, CBP, says that inspiring stories from co-workers and her husband's enthusiasm to get her on a bike helped seal her decision to ride. "One of our best friends has struggled with MS for about 10 years, so this cause is near and dear to us," Wernli explains. "The journey wasn't always pretty, but the outcome has been worth it. Nothing will bring you back to reality more than having a rider with MS pass you in the midst of your personal pity party. It inspires you to curb the complaints and remember why you are there."

Team Intangible Assets couldn't have finished the race without the tireless assistance of ACFE volunteers (see Behind the scenes at the BP MS 150) and the encouragement of hundreds of spectators who cheered for the race's 13,000 riders as they charged through their small communities, Bosworth says.