U.S. federal jobs, part 2

Analysts fighting fraud

By Colin May, M.S., CFE

Starting Out: For new and budding fraud examiners

Federal positions are broken down into position classification categories on USAJobs.gov. For example, air traffic controllers are GS-2152. In this column, we'll continue our discussion of the job categories that most often contain fraud examination responsibilities and opportunities.

In my column, Uncle Sam wants you (for a fraud examiner job) in the January/February 2015 Fraud Magazine, I discussed the accounting and budget positions, which included accountants, auditors and IRS revenue agents. In the May/June column, I'll discuss the last of the three main areas: investigation and inspection — the most common jobs in the federal government that deal primarily with fraud examination.

Here we'll cover the broadest series of jobs within the government that encompass the management and program analysis — job series 0343. I'll also cover the financial analyst series (job series 1160) and briefly cover some of the information technology (IT) analysts (job series 2210).


Management and program analysts (MPAs) primarily assist agency management in evaluating agencies' programs and operations and their productivity and efficiency.

The main duties for a recently posted program analyst for a small office of inspector general (OIG) were:

  • Manage and track the status of ongoing audits in a spreadsheet reporting system.
  • Review audit reports of independent contractors and grant recipients that are prepared by independent auditors. The program analyst also summarizes recommendations to the assistant inspector general from the audit and then reviews any corrective actions.
  • Prepare accurate and timely reports for the inspector general and management; also synthesize large amounts of data. The analyst also drafts the audit section and related schedules for the OIG's semiannual report to Congress and other reports. 

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