2014 International Fraud Awareness Week

What you might have missed


Last November's International Fraud Awareness Week had more than 1,000 Official Supporters sign up to be a part of the worldwide event dedicated to spreading fraud awareness. That number doesn't even include the individual fraud fighters from each company or entity who took time to spread the word on social media, host events, give presentations and freely share valuable information.

Official Supporters include large organizations, small businesses, government agencies, boutique accounting firms, nonprofit groups and ACFE chapters worldwide. 2014 Featured Supporters included: BNP Paribus, Wynard Group, Orange and CRI Group.

Since it was founded by the ACFE more than 10 years ago, International Fraud Awareness Week has become an international movement. Official Supporters help raise awareness through outreach to their employees and clients, hosting anti-fraud trainings and other events, communicating information about fraud in newsletters and engaging in other activities that help shine a spotlight on the issue.

This year, the ACFE added new resources such as our 5 Steps to Reduce Small Business Fraud video and our Cost of Complacency infographic.

On social media, #fraudweek logged a record 2.9 million impressions, which demonstrates the popularity of this growing movement.

Here are some highlights of the events that happened around the world during Fraud Week:

  • In the United Arab Emirates, OpenThinking Academy hosted an Anti-Fraud Olympics event in Dubai. Fraud fighters were divided into teams and competed using real fraud cases. Points were earned based on how well participants used investigation techniques and fraud risk assessments.
  • Wyndham Resorts hosted three seminars on fraud and had guest speakers talk about their experiences. They also distributed a daily newsletter about fraud and Wyndham Rewards, including a question-and-answer section.
  • The Port of Oakland sent daily emails to employees to bring awareness to their whistleblower hotline program for the prevention of fraud, waste and abuse of the organization's resources.
  • See more at FraudWeek.com.

Fraud awareness doesn't begin and end with Fraud Week. It's a year-round effort supported by fraud examiners all over the world.

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