Board of Regents expels Daniel Burson

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By Joan_Rochon-Norman
To all who wonder about the issue, please check out the internet. I used "Daniel Burson bank" and got several hits.
By Donald_Perron
Lets not forget. Many fraudsters may well take advantage of organizations such as ACFE to better their skills at crafting their illegal activities. Once a criminal, always a criminal, and they will take advantage of everything to give them the edge. The integrity of our organization is paramount. What due diligence do we practice to ensure we keep rats such as Burson out?
By David_Meow
I agree with chyder. This disclosure has more questions than answers. The impression given is that a fraud examiner has been found guilty of bank robbery charges. How has that come about? Why has he not used his skills and knowledge in frauds instead of relying of what seems to be a crime using physical force?
By chyder
Too little information. While not asking for confidential information, I would like to know, however, what changed in Mr. Burson 's life to take him to such a low point. I'd like to know how his integrity became so compromised. Its about the why, not just the what. Is this possible to find out?