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ACFE Board of Regents interview

What happens when you fill a boardroom with highly intelligent people and ask them a few questions about fraud topics? You yield 90 minutes of insights that can't be contained in one article.

On Sunday June 12, at the beginning of the 27th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference, Fraud Magazine invited the members of the ACFE Board of Regents to ruminate on important issues that affect all members.

Their answers are sure to elicit more ideas and views. We ask that you respond in the comments sections for these articles on Fraud-Magazine.com.

In this article, the Regents discuss new frauds on the horizon, data breaches, new practices and training millennials as practitioners.

In a November Online Exclusive on Fraud-Magazine.com, we'll cover deterrence and prevention, counseling whistleblowers, ways to benefit the profession, education for budding fraud examiners and job motivation.

The participants were: Board Assistant Treasurer Sidney P. Blum, CFE, CPA, CFF, owner, Sidney P. Blum, CPA; Chair Tiffany R. Couch, CFE, CPA, CFF, principal, Acuity Forensics; Secretary Leah D. Lane, CFE, director, Global Investigations, Texas Instruments Inc.; Treasurer Nancy E. Rich, MPA, CFE, U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service; and Vice Chair David C. Rule, MBA, CFE, CISM, CPP, managing partner, Xione Group, Ltd.

(Comments have been edited for space and clarity.)


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