Taking Back the ID

Not so savvy

Tech support schemes targeting IT staffs

Duke Winston always thought he was a savvy tech guy because he had a degree in computer science and worked in the IT department for a large corporation. One evening at home he received a telephone call from an individual claiming he was a computer tech working for a major software company.

Winston was impressed with the caller’s knowledge and allowed him to do a “free” security check on his computer to spot viruses or malware. The caller convinced Winston that he’d found malware and told him that not only could he fix the current problem, he’d also protect Winston’s computer from any future viruses or other malware if Winston purchased a new “revolutionary” software program.

Winston purchased the software on a website with his personal credit card. When Winston scanned his credit card statement the following month he noticed that there were thousands of dollars of charges that he didn’t make. He immediately notified his bank and credit card company and was told that he, like many others, had been scammed.


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