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Getting published isn’t just for academics

“Publish or perish” is a well-known rule within the academic community. Most research-focused institutions require faculty to publish scholarly research and articles in peer-reviewed journals as part of their journeys to the treasured Land of Tenure and beyond. Publishing can show talent and solidify academics as thought leaders within their disciplines. The result can be professional growth and funding for their research interests and universities. An academic’s survival might depend on it.

As professional anti-fraud practitioners we should take a page out of academics’ playbooks and get published too. You don’t have to publish in academic scholarly journals. You can share your ideas in many trade and practitioner journals, magazines or newsletters, including Fraud Magazine. (Visit the Get Published page.) Though this magazine just covers anti-fraud topics, other publications that accept some anti-fraud manuscripts include Journal of Accountancy, Internal Auditing, Accounting Today and Security Management, among others.

Here I’ll address the reasons why you should consider publishing and provide some tips on how to get started.


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