Fraud in the News

Dating from behind bars

Here’s a dating scam you’ve probably never seen before. According to the March 8 Oklahoman article, Oklahoma inmate sentenced in behind-bars dating scam, by Kyle Schwab, an Oklahoma prison inmate ran an entire phone dating scam from inside his jail cell.

The article states that Sean Siwek, 34, smuggled various phones into the state prison where he created fake profiles on “voice-based” dating services. The inmate disguised himself as a male prostitute and arranged meetings with unsuspecting love interests. Later he would call the user pretending to be a police officer and accuse the person of agreeing to have sex with a minor.

According to the article, the inmate made money from the scam by threatening the user on the phone with criminal charges unless they paid up by purchasing prepaid debit cards. Siwek eventually pleaded guilty to wire fraud and was ordered to pay $125,000 in restitution. Investigators were amazed such a scam could take place behind prison bars.

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