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Mistakes to avoid when looking for your first anti-fraud position

So, you spent years taking classes, writing papers and conversing with professors. You studied the Fraud Examiners Manual front to back as you prepared to take the CFE Exam. Everything you worked for has finally happened. You graduated with your degree, earned your credentials and are ready to enter the anti-fraud world. You’re motivated and excited as you send résumé after résumé out hoping that organizations will sense your passion. You were meant to do this; it’s in your blood.

But the phone never rings. You just receive the dreaded email response:

Thanks for applying, but unfortunately we decided to go in another direction. We will keep your record on file, and if something comes up in the future that we believe you are a good fit for we will give you a call.

You choose to remain optimistic as you continue to apply. However, the rejections now come with stock reasons: You don’t have the experience. We’re only looking for Big Four applicants. You need an audit background. What do you do? Give in and accept that this will never happen? Or do you continue to fight?

Of course, you have to decide if an anti-fraud life is your path. I knew it was for me, so I didn’t give up when faced with initial rejection. I can help you avoid some of the common mistakes when trying to enter this promising field.


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