Disciplinary Notices and Corrections

Board of Regents expels two CFEs

On June 18, 2017, the ACFE Board of Regents voted to permanently expel Pragrasan Charlie Doorasamy, of Johannesburg, South Africa, for violating Article II of the ACFE Code of Professional Ethics. The decision was based on Doorasamy’s felony assault conviction.

The Board of Regents also voted to permanently expel Scott Wrobel, of Macomb, Michigan, in accordance with the ACFE Board of Review’s recommendation. The decision was based on the Board of Regents’ finding that Wrobel violated Article II of the ACFE Code of Professional Ethics by making false representations regarding services he or his affiliated organization billed for in addition to soliciting another person to engage in a scheme to overcharge for services rendered.


July/August 2017 issue

In the Ritchie-Jennings Scholarship article in the ACFE News, scholarship recipient Pia Gerloff’s bio was inadvertently combined with Madison Gaither’s bio.

In the “Rx for Fraud” column, in the first paragraph under “The fraud scheme,” the text should read: “HHC authorized former ASC CEO James Burkhart and COO Daniel Burson to write checks and make payments from the HHC bank account (management has since changed.)”