Research Findings

Anti-fraud training

Does it pay to invest?

The Swiss financial industry values pre-employment screenings because they’re considered to be an effective anti-fraud strategy. But what about other preventive measures like corporate anti-fraud training programs? Does it pay off to invest in this area?

In 2016, we surveyed 18 Swiss companies — only banks and insurers — about their anti-fraud training programs.1 The findings can be benchmarks for organizations and provide insights into how to enrich programs.

Much of our study’s results are easily transferable to any industry in any country. Some ideas could represent a starting point for making anti-fraud training in your organization more powerful. Findings obtained from an online survey and several face-to-face meetings show there’s still room for improvement. At the same time, our respondents provide fascinating insights that could make corporate training more effective.

What do we need to think about when developing corporate anti-fraud training programs?


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