Fraud in the News

Facebook's news feed change could backfire

According to a Jan. 17 Digiday article, How Facebook’s feed purge could expose publishers to fraud, by Ross Benes, a new configuration to Facebook’s news feed could breed more fraud than prevent it.

Facebook recently announced a new algorithm in its news feed that will favor user content over publisher content. The purpose is to promote more organic posts that are read and actively shared by users. According to the article, publishers might turn to traffic resellers to make up for lost exposure.

Some publishers pay for each click of their Facebook advertising content. But with fewer publisher ads, the price per click might increase. The article asserts this increase will cause publishers to look at fraudulent ways to post material, causing a backlash in Facebook’s attempt to reduce fake news posts.

According to the article, obtaining accurate data from Facebook’s new rule will be difficult because publishers don’t typically release traffic purchasing practices. 

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