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They empathize because they do what you do

The ACFE Board of Regents offer their counsel and ruminate on the dynamic anti-fraud profession during the 29th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference. From left to right: Alexis C. Bell, M.S., CFE, PI, Chair; Vidya Rajarao, CFE, ACA, Vice Chair; Tony Prior, MBA, CFE, CAMS; Elizabeth J. Simon, CFE, CPA; Ryan C. Hubbs, CFE, CCEP, CIA

The members of the ACFE Board of Regents empathize with you because they do what you do. They, like you, have to contend with technology changes, evolving regulations, cautious management, intergenerational employee cooperation, gigabytes of uncategorized digital evidence and so much more.

But, like you, they also occasionally savor solid evidence discovery, a satisfying case outcome, red tape that unravels and enjoyable mentee relationships.

On Sunday, June 17, at the beginning of the 29th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference, Fraud Magazine invited the members of the volunteer Board of Regents to discuss these topics and much more as they grapple with the components of anti-fraud professionals’ work days.

The participants

  • Alexis C. Bell, M.S., CFE, PI, Chair: Bell is the founder and managing partner of Fraud Doctor LLC, which provides anti-fraud consulting services. She’s also a published author with expertise in architecting global anti-fraud programs in a variety of sectors, forensic accounting, data analytics and technical training.
  • Vidya Rajarao, CFE, ACA, Vice Chair: Rajarao is partner at Grant Thornton India. She’s a national leader for forensic and investigation services in India and the sub-continent and a member of the firm’s global forensic steering committee.
  • Tony Prior, MBA, CFE, CAMS: Prior is a director at AUSTRAC, Australia’s AML regulator and financial intelligence unit. He previously conducted investigations into corporate fraud and financial crime. Prior is the founder and president of the ACFE Sydney Chapter.
  • Elizabeth J. Simon, CFE, CPA: Simon is the director of ethics & compliance for Cox Communications Inc. She serves on the board of directors of the Atlanta (Georgia) Compliance and Ethics Roundtable.
  • Ryan C. Hubbs, CFE, CCEP, CIA: Hubbs is the global anticorruption and fraud manager for Schlumberger Limited. For more than 17 years, he’s conducted international corporate investigations and forensic audits for companies within the energy sector.

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