Big Frauds

Did ‘psychic’ Maria Duval make a deal with the devil?

Burgeoning fraud against consumers is affecting millions. Two young investigative journalists at CNN recently reported an immense global mail fraud scheme targeting senior citizens.

The letter, postmarked March 27, 2014, begins, “You may have already received the special package I put together for you which contains ‘Your Special Compendium of Divine Formulas’ and your genuine Cross of Invocation of the 7 Powers. Due to the confidential nature of its contents, I felt it necessary to send it to you in a separate package. …

“Surprisingly, your case requires more pages than I had anticipated. There are many things I have discovered about you and you are going to learn about them in a few moments.

“I have also noted the answer to the question which is bothering you most at this time, the problem being: Will this nation improve?

“Here, soon you are going to learn my answer on this matter. I am also going to give you your personal lucky numbers for the lottery and for other games of chance.

“I still have many other facts and events to reveal to you about yourself and about your future.”

So begins a 16-page letter, signed “Maria Duval,” sent to a hopeful recipient wanting to ascertain their future. Maria requests personal information, a photo or strands of hair so she can prepare “your detailed personal astral-clairvoyant forecast” and includes a “Special Confidential Invitation” to the recipient to send $45.

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